Affordable Online Therapy For 3 Months

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Get Help From A Professional Therapist For Less Than $20 Per Session—Private, Online, 100% From Home
Everyone deserves to get easy access to a professional therapist. That’s why we’ve made it easier, more convenient, and more affordable than ever to get the help you need. Sign up today and take the first step toward a happier you!

Let’s be honest, therapy is expensive. Especially in the US, where one session can cost $100-$200 (or even more).

This has made it difficult for millions of people to access the mental health care they need. That’s where comes in.

We founded Neplot with one goal in mind: to provide affordable and accessible therapy for all regardless of their financial situation or location.

Because we believe that everyone deserves access to the help and support they need, and we’re committed to making that a reality with this affordable online therapy service, you can finally receive therapy from the comfort of your own home, without having to worry about the cost or taking time off work.

Certified Therapists You Can Trust
Although we’re more affordable than in-person therapy, we are committed to providing you with the same level of care and professionalism that you would expect from an in-person therapist.

Our team of certified therapists has been handpicked for their expertise in a range of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, relationships, trauma, grief, and more. They are certified, experienced, and more importantly, dedicated to helping you achieve your mental health goals.

That means you will receive the same level of support and guidance as you would from an in-office therapist, from the comfort of your home.
Easy, More Convenient, And More Private

With this service, you can receive professional therapy from the privacy and convenience of your own home.

You won’t have to worry about walking into a therapist’s office or feeling uncomfortable in a crowded waiting room. With just your phone or computer, you can connect with a licensed therapist one-on-one and receive the support and guidance you need.

We offer three membership options starting at just $20 per session. Each plan includes one hour of therapy per week (four sessions every month). There are no hidden fees or extra charges.

3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
– 12 sessions of online, one-on-one therapy – $299 ($25 per session)
– 24 sessions of online, one-on-one therapy – $499 ($20 per session)
– 48 sessions of online, one-on-one therapy – $999 ($20 per session)
One-Time Payment With No Surprises
We want to make it clear: our service is a one-time payment only.

You won’t have to worry about being automatically charged after your membership duration is over. Once you’ve paid for your chosen membership duration, that’s it. You’ll work with our therapist for the length of your membership, with no surprises or hidden fees.

With our flexible pricing options and commitment to privacy and discretion, there’s no better way to get the support and guidance you need to live your best life.

Experience a safe and non-judgmental space: Therapy provides a confidential and non-judgmental space where you can explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences without fear of being judged or criticized. This can be incredibly empowering and freeing, allowing you to be your authentic self.

So why wait? Get started today and start your journey towards a happier, healthier you!